Icon Constructor Review

Great, Easy to use Tool.

Submitted by DaFishmex on Wed, 2006-03-01 07:37.
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Really Easy to Use.
It Closes when a certain mode window. Opening the main menu when doing so would be better, in my opinion.

When i first saw Icon Constructor, personally though it was an overall "Try and Remove" tool, but it really didn't go like that.

When first opening the software, it shows a really simple but nice colored main menu with the simple, but main question: "What do you want to do?".

The first i tried(And the one I actually use the most) was the Windows Icon Option. I found myself in a Window with a lot of options. The Select Image Region was something new for me. The effects included are awesome and only a click away.

Took me around 3 minutes to actually taking a picture, cropping it and creating the icon. It was the same way with every single option available, fast, and 7 clicks away.

As a side note, Email and ICQ Shortcuts are a neat option that i didn't expect. I though it was strange for a Icon making tool to have something like that, after trying them i found them useful being a good way to have organized my email contacts, for example.


The best strength of this software is the ease to use, it does what it offers with any complications. Really worth the try.