DietMP3 Review

Very good for mp3s

Submitted by blackwindexe on Mon, 2007-07-30 02:00.
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Easy interface, maintains decent sound quality
Costly for its purpose

This program is really good when it comes to reducing the sizes of mp3s. I use it when I need to transfer music to my phone or memory sticks because that way they can hold more songs. The interface is simple with a Windows Explorer replica and the features are very easy to use as well. T

The sound quality remains generally the same and there isn't much quality loss in the compression. You won't really notice the difference unless your mp3 player is not very good quality. When listening to my songs on my phone on speaker, they sound a little muffled at high pitches which can only be the result of a mediocre sound setup in the phone.

This is definitely worth a try if you need music compressed for devices or to transfer online to a web server.


Great program and even though the price is steep for what it does, it does a good job of compressing mp3s the right way.