Smugglers 3 Review

Boring at First, Addictive at the end.

Submitted by DaFishmex on Thu, 2006-03-02 00:20.
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Good Game System, very addictive at the end.
Ugly Interface, although the 3D images are well done, window design is really awful

When i saw this game for the first time, i though it was another of those really, really bad games which you only download the trial and get rid of them in 10 minutes.

The first impression of it was not favorable. The background "music" is really, really horrible, its the same sound looping over and over again, a little tune would help. Same for the Menu, sincerely it made me think that this game was made using Visual Basic by a rookie programmer. The tutorial must be more at the hand, not in a little corner with white as a background, that makes you close it in the first second you see it.

The fact of the game not being a freebie, but a paid game, made me think that they should focus a little more on the visuals and that fast but very important first impression.

Then I started playing the actual game. At first, it was very difficult to understand what the heck was going on(Since I didn't pay much attention to it), i just started traveling over and over from a planet to another.

It took a while to start doing something not-so random. The first encounter with an enemy ship made me become somewhat interested about the game. After being "owned" I Started exploring the different windows which as a side note: they got an awful design.

Took me around 10-15 minutes to understand every window, note, and record in game, then the game became more addictive. The trading system is complicated, but has it sense, I find mission system very complete, and the combat mode its hard but well made. Now I'm really addicted to it(Although I'm listening my own music instead of the game sound)


Although at first it can be boring. But at the end, after reading the tutorial and searching around, it can become into an addictive game. Worth the try, not sure about the prize.