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CrazyTalk works wonders

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2007-07-31 07:53.
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Transforms photos to animated characters like no other application, it's easy to use and it's user-friendly
It doesn't export to the infamous SWF file format

Ever wanted to shoot a video of yourself speaking, but never had the video camera? Did you ever want to transform photos to videos? CrazyTalk is the answer.

CrazyTalk is an application that makes it extremely easy to create animated characters. All you need is a photo, a prerecorded audio file and the software itself. You then mix all three together and what you get is more than astonishing - it's amazing.

In most of the cases, you won't even notice that the video is based on a photo. The animation that results seems very real. In a few cases, when the photo quality is bad, or when the person is in an awkward position, you might experience some pretty funny outputs, but that's not very likely to happen.

The great thing about CrazyTalk is that it is so very easy to use. There are a couple of steps that you have to follow in order to get to the finish of your project. And furthermore, the user interface is very intuitive - it's like playing a game - you adjust different settings and then you add voice, adjust the length of your movie and voila - in no time there'll be movies where once photos stood.

One minor setback that I noticed while using CrazyTalk is that it won't export to flash swf or flv, and to tell the truth I would have liked the option of doing so. However, you can just as well convert an avi movie to the swf file if you wish to do so - it just requires more time and more applications.


It's a great program that any animator, designer, or even amateur could use. It seems to suit any type of project and the output files are of amazing quality.