Dropheads Review

All That Glitters Is Sometimes Gold Too.

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--Good for puzzle lovers, problem solvers. --Provides the old "falling colored coins (instead of heads) game" a new look and feel. --Includes a very helping tutorial. --Going gets tough as you move on so couldn't be marked as easy! --Kids, specially those who hated tetris like games, because of its looks, should love the interface.
--Will no way attract the die hard mission lover game fans. (And unfortunately that is where the actual gaming profits lie) --No other negative point. A perfect time pass!

Are you a mission solver? Do you love to rip of the enemy tanks, and get the juice out of the battle fields? Then this is not the game you should download (but the 1 hour demo version is worth a download for everyone). Now for all those puzzle solvers, this is the game to look at. It sharpens your brain and give you the same old stuff packed with all the new glitters to keep you intact.

Dropheads is similar to a game I used to play years back where you are provided with colored coins and x*x matrix and you are required to arrange them in group of four or more. The only drawback which that game used to have was its theme. It failed to attract kids as it had no "instant" fun involved. But with all the colors and soothing music, dropheads is the game to look after. It keeps you eyes glued to the funny falling faces, your mouse running, brain thinking the next move, plus the ears listening to the soothing music.

Dropheads provides you with 2 modes of play. Arcade mode is for the quick thinkers. And the strategy mode gives you the time to think, to feel, to get involved!

The amazing tutorial provides you with every help you could think of one would need and also provides you the option to turn of the tutorial and play the game right away. It installs with just few clicks but does take some time (might be even 3 minutes in some machines, it took 20 seconds in mine!) to start. But the wait is worth it, as the interface you get to see is very loving for the kids and the puzzle solvers. Here I do count kids and puzzle lovers together as the game is made for both kind of audiences. The glitters to keep the kids intact and the task to make quick new move keeps the puzzle lovers intact.

The sudden bonuses bring the game back to life just when you start feeling that you will be greeted with the "Game Over" banner soon!

P.S. If I could be permitted to write the same review at my blog then it will look much better as I have a taken good screen shots to match the review.


Overall the game is worth the money and has all the ingredients for a complete timepass. A must see for tetris, colored coin falling game, and puzzle lovers. And it could turn out to be a good game for those parents who want there kids to play games to sharpen his/her brain and not to get indulged in the shooting games which could make him/her violent. But NOT for those who love violence. And fortunately they would never understand the reasons why others love such games.