Dropheads Review

Dropheads is a pretty engaging game...

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2007-08-01 10:08.
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nice-looking, easy to use, has a tutorial that explains everything A-Z
hard-core gamers may find it easy, becomes repetitive

Dropheads is a nice arcade and strategy game all-in-one. It manages to captivate the user with its simplicity in use, but also with its pretty interface. The has two different modes that you can play.

One of the things that you notice straight off the bat is that the difficulty level in Dropheads is somewhat easy. You will probably notice, if you've been playing the game for more than 5 minutes that it slowly increases its difficulty. The tutorial that guides you through how the game works is quite useful, as it introduces you to the main options that you have.

You will undoubtedly observe that the game becomes very repetitive as the levels progress, and to counter the effects, Dropheads introduces add-ons, like a joker unit. Although this adds a little spark to the gameplay, it still remains the same put-4-of-em-together and win.

You're collecting treasure chests, but you're not even given a proper intro as to what lies beyond, what might be in the treasure chest - it lacks an intro movie and some cutscenes.

Dropheads will, however, be a nice game for young players (children) that have never before played a similar game as the pictures look nice and the interface looks pretty too. However the hard-core genre lover will most likely find it too easy and quite boring as opposed to addictive.

One more note is that the music, although nice, could do with more tunes.


Dropheads is a game suitable for players of younger ages, and although it is fun for older gamers, it becomes repetitive at some point. It looks nice and has a nice interface, you might go for it...