DietMP3 Review

DietMP3... something your PC's body can't do without

Submitted by balance on Thu, 2007-08-02 17:42.
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Good quality output, reduces big files substantially, can rip your CD
outdated user interface

DietMP3 is a software application geared towards reducing the size of your MP3 files.

One of the things that you notice straight off the bat is that its user interface is a bit funny, with the artwork that it incorporates, and is not exactly easy to grasp in the beginning - don't worry, as you look around you'll understand how it works.

Interface aside, the program can work miracles with your MP3 files, especially if they're big, fat and have a surplus of quality. Here's the lowdown - if you've got a 256kb/s file, stereo and it's about 100 MB big and want to reduce it to a mono, CD-quality file, the software will take out about 60-70% of the whole thing - and you won't notice any quality loss whatsoever.

On the other hand, if you've got a 30kb/s or something like that, it's in mono and you want to reduce it and forget to switch to mono, but stay with stereo - you'll get an output that's twice as big as the file itself.

All in all, the output quality is very good, and the price is also OK.


It's a great program if you want your CDs ripped or if you want to reduce files of a big size, BUT if you're going to use it on little files - don't bother.