Mad Caps Review

Mad Caps is fun...

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2007-08-07 19:53.
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Fun to play, addictive, nicely designed
Same background, same mission, same look on all levels

Mad Caps is a really nice arcade game. The design is appealing, the game is quite easy to play, yet the difficulty level gets higher as the player advances through the levels and the addiction factor is definitely positive.

There are three game-modes that you can play - the Standard Mode, the Time-Challenge and the Survival-Challenge. All of them are fun, but besides very minor differences they seem no different.

Once you start your game, however, there is no tutorial to guide you through the game and to tell you what to do and to explain the rules of the game. But because it's quite easy to understand what you're supposed to do after you click on a couple of caps, you get the idea really easily.

The background of the whole thing is static, and the game looks the same from level 1 to, I guess, the end of the game. Also, the music stays the same throughout the game. These factors could have been worked upon.

There is no challenge that you get a reward for, and no intriguing side-quests or mini-games, but the game itself is quite addicting.

Mad Caps, however, is not an original game in itself - it's just another one of the many similar games of this sort, but with a different design (one that looks very nice, by the way).


A nice game, nothing special, but a new design to the infamous arcade game of put-3-in-row and win...