Ant War Review

Take my nest, please.

Submitted by Guitar_Guy83 on Sat, 2006-03-04 00:16.
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Fun and slightly addictive gameplay
Little replay value

It is said that for every human on earth, there exists his body weight in ants. That comes out to about, well, a whole friggin' lot of ants. But they have yet to take over the world, until now.

Ant War is a laid back, somewhat comical simulation of the day to day life of an ant colony. With gameplay very similar to "Coffee Tycoon", you must decide which jobs your ants will do each day, such as foraging, nursing, digging, or taking arms to fight off the rampaging and vicious spiders, centipedes, lizards, and other assorted hostile creatures.

As your nest grows and your ants enumerate themselves, you will gain levels which yield rewards in nest size and gems. Gems can be used to purchase upgrades which have a variety of effects from increased food gathering, to weather prediction benefits, to a stronger attack or defense in battle.

The ultimate goal is to have 1 billion ants. Getting there will take some time, though. I played several sessions lasting nearly an hour a piece and barely broke the 50,000 and picket. Maybe is was Mr. Suburbia and his and mangling lawn mower, or marauding pigeons, or those deadly ant poison traps that Mr. Suburbia craftily places around the home. One thing is for certain; there are plenty of disaster's to impede your progress.

Ant War's sound and music are very mediocre. They do not add to the game nor do they detract from it.


Worth a look if your seeking something interesting that departs from the mainstream genres available, but not worth more than a day's worth of entertainment.