ViewletCam Review

Niceone but Cons Dominates the Pros

Submitted by RockRakesh on Sun, 2007-08-12 20:23.
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The lowest price: 134.1$
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To track our daily works. To make tutorials of some designs -helpful for students. For security in companies, Catch thieves redhanded
Very easy to make fraudulent things. Sound recording is not that much effective

It is a very good software for the people who wants to record their daily works in the PC. It will be helpful like a dairy for them. All the facilities like Exporting and Converting to EXE are very very nice.Editing features and Capturing features are also major advantage for this software. This one is fair enough for its cost.
This software is capturing everything ok.Fine. But sound capturing is not that much effective. Off course it wont affect the product, but if the developers improves it, it will be an added advantage for it.
It not only helpful to track the own works, but also helps to track the people who are misusing someones PC which causes the PC to damage. This feature helps in Software companies, Internet Cafes and Some secured areas.
As a cons this will be helpful for others to track someones PC. If somebody installed and started it in others PC using viruses and trozans (I don't know whether it will be possible or not, but chances are there) or directly(By some trust worthies but the third person who can have access to your PC) then he can track the entire thing that you did in that PC.
The export to AVI And Export to GIF are great features. But These are very helpful for improving piracy. For example someone can run this program and he plays some movies and video songs in that system. Here he actually took the movie CD for rent(It is not possibler to copy the content from it). He plays the movie, capture and export the entire movie to AVI.No he can make Pirated CD's from that.
So this one will be very very helpful software but chances for doing fraudulent also are very heavy. But this not a point to be considered while buying the software. Becz it depends on the individual who are using it. If we thought in usage point of view its performance and everything are very nice.


This is a great invention. The cons may be reasonable, but they wont decreases the tools usage.