Birthday Bios Review

I don't want this for my birthday...

Submitted by balance on Mon, 2007-08-13 10:17.
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Easy to use, quick results
No diversity, crashes, old looking interface

Although Birthday Bios is a nice application and it can do nice little newspapers what it lacks is stability.

Let's start with the good first - Birthday Bios allows you to create newspapers from a template and simply change the text in the columns.
You get to insert pictures, add text, insert shapes - but NOTHING more. However the application is in fact INTENDED to be simple and to not require much input from the user. The layout is well designed and divided into sections like NEWS, the HOROSCOPE, etc.

What I don't like is that there is only ONE template to use and only two layout modes simple and professional. I think you could get a lot more done with Freeware Office Suites that with Birthday Bios.

Furthermore the software crashes whenever I change a font and then resize it (especially when it's a value greater than the one set by default).

But the software is quite easy to use and the user interface, though very unattractive, is quite intuitive. The application doesn't have the feel of something that's fun and easy to use and that hinders one's desire to use it.


It looks old, it doesn't do much and it crashes - i think you'd better find yourself a professional application or some freeware that'll do the same thing. But if you don't feel like looking for the freeware, try Birthday Bios.