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Need to be improved

Submitted by cagrim_mercan on Mon, 2007-08-13 11:04.
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Only the price.
Confuses the users. Doesnt seem professional. May be users can accept that, but, if user/engineers/etc. show their works to their bosses/clients they may not trust, because of unprofessional visualisation.

Virtualy, it seems not professional. When I opened it first time, I thought this was still in developing progress. Too much colourful. There are so many notes, description on the bars, but, they are confusing, because they are either too much colourful or font sizes are insufficent fir higher resolutions. They are good if your screen resolution is 680x400 pixels. Some notes have bad colour scheme with the background, so, they are illegable.

Gantt chart and tasks bar are in different windows, as if they are different things. In my opinion they must be in the same window or the user must be able to see them in a same work window.

Pert Chart is useful, but, again it seems not professional.

Set-up resources and assign task icon doesn"t work properly.


Need to be improved.