Dropheads Review

So your flight got delayed!

Submitted by maverick00767 on Mon, 2007-08-13 17:03.
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Addictive, fast paced, pretty decent learning curve, good graphics, caters to players of all ages and most importantly great fun.
Moolah costs a pretty penny. Music please! Add some more tracks pronto! And hey, spin a yarn enchant us!

Downloaded the game at the airport while waiting for a delayed flight, the first thing you notice is the game installs in a flash and though they do ask you for your email the publishers promise not to spam you (so far they seem to be keeping their word).

As far as the game goes the graphics are pretty slick I especially loved the expressions on the Dropheads as you click them, the gameplay is intuitive and though the initial difficulty level is a walk in the park the game adds some interesting twists as you go on. The auto-help feature is pretty good and gives a first time user all the information that is required to keep up with the twists in the game.

One drawback that I felt the game has is its limited soundtrack, though the default track does its work of keeping you on the edge of your seat (if you don't believe me compare your performance with the audio muted to the normal mode) however it could have done with some more music as things do tend to get monotonous after a while.

Another thing that would have enhanced the "lovability quotient" would have been the addition of some animated clips in between levels and more development in terms of the storyline as the aim of all the mayhem tends to remain unclear. Also the whole "map" at the end of each part is an interesting idea however one tends to get the whole "developer got up and left mid-session" feeling due to the lack of an engrossing storyline.


Great game very addictive definitely spiced up my stay at the airport, could only tear away my eyes from the screen in between levels to check for flight updates.