Dropheads Review

DropHeads:A Very Good Game.

Submitted by sandeep on Mon, 2007-08-13 20:01.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Intuitive interface with elaborate user guidance. Cool graphics, sound and music. Compact in size. nice-looking, easy to use, has a tutorial that explains everything A-Z.
hard-core gamers may find it easy, becomes repetitive.

Dropheads is a nice arcade and strategy game all-in-one. It manages to captivate the user with its simplicity in use, but also with its pretty interface.

Are you a mission solver? Do you love to rip of the enemy tanks, and get the juice out of the battle fields? Then this is not the game you should download (but the 1 hour demo version is worth a download for everyone). Now for all those puzzle solvers, this is the game to look at. It sharpens your brain and give you the same old stuff packed with all the new glitters to keep you intact.

Dropheads is similar to a game I used to play years back where you are provided with colored coins and x*x matrix and you are required to arrange them in group of four or more. The only drawback which that game used to have was its theme. It failed to attract kids as it had no "instant" fun involved. But with all the colors and soothing music, dropheads is the game to look after. It keeps you eyes glued to the funny falling faces, your mouse running, brain thinking the next move, plus the ears listening to the soothing music.

The concept of this game is a simple one: match the same color dropheads [4 of them] together and they disappear and you get the points. Your objective is to finish each level without having the rows of dropheads reach the top resulting in the new dropheads not able to be dropped down. There are many bonuses and techniques in each different round as well. After each level is successfully completed you get a piece of the treasure map. Simple huh?

But why $16.95? This is just a simple game, based on other games that I have played and it’s not more amusing than the other versions of this type of a game. And at $16.95, I’ll be buying a “loses its pizzazz after 10-minutes” game that I could play for free online any other online game site. For instance you could be playing bejeweled a similar type of game on Yahoo for free, a little less bonuses and glitter here and there, but hey, it’s just a game.


Have you ever played Tetris or Puzzle Fighter? If you have, then you'll find that DropHeads is just another copycat clone.