Site Spinner V2 Review

Great For Beginners - Can Help Create Fantastic Websites

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Wed, 2007-08-15 02:10.
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Easy to Use, Many Choices from backgrounds to graphics
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I decided a few month's ago that I wanted to create my own website. I had previous looked around and found that some websites have there own wizard building software, which isn't really all that great if you want more that the bog standard basic website or webpages.

Basically there are few options with these wizard software for some sites there's no option of multiple pages, graphics or decent graphical backgrounds, buttons etc....This wizard type of software is great if you just want to create a personal website and don't mind the beginner's look to your website.

Being already a reviewer on this site, I was browsing in the 'Web Authoring Section' and came across this peice of software and decided to try it, wondering would it be another wizard type software.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this software, so I was pleasantly surprised by what this software actually provided me with. Site Spinner V2, was the peice of software I used to create my business website. With so many different backgrounds I was able to create a bright and colourful eye catching website while keeping it professional looking. I was also able to help me create different pages like an Introduction, Company Info, Company Goals, Services and a Contact's Page. I could change the colours on the background and the text, enter into it several graphics and load it up to my website address. There was also the option of being able to see your website in html language so that I could have directly created my website or pages a bit at a time.

Being a beginner at this but still wanting that professional look I got it with this peice of software. It helped me to create my whole website within a few days my business was up and running.

There's alot more that the software can help with other that what I used it for. It's great for beginners as in it was great for me and what I wanted it for. But I also think it would be good for anybody that wants more than a basic personal page or website.


Overall this peice of software helped me to create a fantastic website, and it can do the same for you