Label Wizard Review

Simple program , good for average users

Submitted by EarlRainer on Wed, 2007-08-15 14:39.
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quick and simple installation.Less features mean smaller learning curve which is suitable for non-computer savvy users
not a very intuitive interface , limited features , few bugs still present

This program has limited features and is suited for users who are not very comfortable working with computers.PowerUsers can look at other better options available .

Installation was quick and easy.However the first time I started the program ,it took over a minute for the program window to pop up.Till then
I was wondering what was happening and then suddenly it popped up.

First look at the the program is confusing.Since the user interface does not comply with the standard windows GUI , it takes a while to get used to the program.
There are still a lot of aspects of the user interface which can be improved.Right now there are certain behaviours of the program that can leave the user frustrated and confused. For example to clear text of all labels ,one would have expected a "global function" such as clearing text of all labels to be an option that can be found either in the menu or a button on the main screen, however in this program to get to this option you have to select one label , right click and then you find the option here on a popup window.Its a bit silly to place that option here.

Even a simple task such as choosing of font color is rendered a tedious chore because of the complex color selection tool provided.

Talking about fonts ,for some reason the fonts selection tool did not work as intended.I changed the fonts but the labels continued getting printed in the original font.Not good I would say.

Interestingly the online help has this erroneous thing to say for the font selection control
"Label Wizard was written in the UK, where it is usual to have the destination address appear above the senders address. In the USA however, the senders address usually apears above the destination. Use this tick box to set your preference, when ticked it's set for USA
This is the same text you will find under help for Y Flip control.
Atleast they should proofread their help files before selling the product.

Still on help I wonder why there is no offline help file included with the program.Some controls ,a few actually have a balloon tip when you hover over them with the mouse but the most important controls have no help tips.

Overall I think this is a program that can be improved a lot.Right now it provides nothing extra than what even MS Word can do and like we know programs like MS Word are a standard on everyone's computer so why would anyone buy this product unless it has some killer features.
Image manipulation tool , Multi font support on single label , multiple predefined label templates,ability to pickup previously printed labels and print them again (right now you can only see a text file log to see which labels are printed) are only some of the features that can make this program much more hotter.


Just too simple right now , lots of improvement are required to convince users to go for this product.