Dropheads Review

Nice style but rather easy.

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 2007-08-15 22:09.
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Stylish graphics, original gameplay and high-quality music.
Cliché sound effects, looping music and very easy.

At a first glance Dropheads seams as if it would be a Collapse clone, but in-game it sports a unique twist on the classic, having the player drop the heads onto each other to, as you may know, connect a decided amount of like objects. When the game starts the player is presented with a pirate-themed loading screen complete with styled characters, suggesting a soft atmosphere. After it loads, the player chooses between two modes of game: “Arcade” and “Strategy.” The “Strategy” mode boasts more thinking before moving while the “Arcade” mode starts easy yet gets increasingly harder while playing. Further in the game more types of objects and entities are introduced to make a slightly harder game as the player proceeds, such as new colors, special blocks and blocks that need to be broken first. The graphical interface is well presented and is very polished, true to its stylish them. Many extra elements such as rollovers and particle effects are very appealing and add to the atmosphere of the game. Help balloons are present throughout, which are helpful at first but get in the way of the player when he or she advances in the game. Music-wise, Dropheads has a little amount of looping music but is of great quality and the music rotates often. If the player plays the game more, he or she will quickly get bored of the music. For the sound Dropheads is short of fair and reuses cliché cartoon sound effects that demotes the game's quality. With that, the game is too easy to play for a regular gamer since you can just move blocks out of the way.


Though too easy to appeal to regular gamers Dropheads is fun and has quality graphics to go along with that.