MorphBuster Review


Submitted by alex2pb on Fri, 2007-08-17 12:33.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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Prompt support service, easy to use, nice image effects and animation quality
Slow image merging, big runtime, not quite cheap for such a simple application

MorphBuster is a nice program that helps you creat morph animations from two different images. The interface is pretty straight forward, it offers two sides, one where you can choose the start picture and another one wich will end the animation. The morphing is made from points wich you can add with a simple mouse click on any of the editing areas. Also, you can fully control the speed of the animations you create.

The program exports to a big assortment of formats like GIF, Flash and HTML (for web developers), EXE, Screen saver and even AVI movie for the casual user. Before you create the animations, you can edit the images and modify them via a built-in tool. You can edit the brightness, the contrast, flip/rotate them and even add a series of image filters (blur, sharpen, gamma correction or antialiasing). The quality of the animations is great, they really seem professional and the supplied help file got me started in seconds.

As for the things I didn't like, the program was a bit slow when I added the morphing points on the images. Also, the program is huge (13 MB installer) and it added to my System32 folder 27 files (the LeadTools runtime). Another weak point is the price that seems a bit high for a simple animation maker program. You could create the same effects with other tools and a bit of patience.


The price really discouraged me, but on the other hand the quality of the output is good and I loved the fact that it exports in many formats. Also, the runtime is really big and the program is a bit sluggish.