AusLogics BoostSpeed Review

Speed up your PC with BoostSpeed

Submitted by jingjong on Sat, 2007-08-18 20:30.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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AusLogics BoostSpeed - a very good utility software in order for to keep your System crash-free and error-free. With it's powerful optimization tools it will boost Internet connections, easily tweak Windows to its highest performance, clean and defrag windows registry, and block annoying ads. BoostSpeed is a great way to keep your PC clean and optimized.
Please be careful with Windows tweaks. and always backup Registry first.

What I really like about BoostSpeed

Are These Features
> Boost Programs
> Boost Windows
> Optimization Tools
> Networks Tools
> Boost Internet
The first time I saw it I really say "wow what a package" considering all the features that it has.
To be honest I never heard this software before, even though I am very particular with the speed and health of my pc back home and in the office. And when I did try I even have doubts if it would really work. First I did try was from the Boost Program Feature under Windows Accessories and then Media Player, "Disable windows media player metadata retrieving" Coz its been awhile that I’ve been having trouble every time a play a song in Windows Media Player from a CD, and it even freeze my Media Player sometimes specially if I’m using a very old music CD.
Price: $22.45
Considering its Package of utilities.. That very cool..
But what really amaze me with BootSpeed is its Optimization tools.
With its Registry Cleaner you can optimize you windows registry with just a single mouse click. As we all know windows registry problem are common causes of window crashes, you will be experiencing slow performance of your system and lots of error messages.
And by using Registry Cleaner from BootSpeed regularly you will be able to fix all registry problems and help you to improve you system performance.
It even has its own Uninstall Manager. What’s very nice on this uninstall manager that other Uninstall Manager don’t have because it has category like (Microsoft Programs, Large Programs, Unused Programs, High-risk Software) so with this you can decide more accurately what to uninstall.
Sorry to say this but I’m really impress. this manager loads installed application faster than the XPs Add or Remove Programs.
And also it has a Autorun Manager that I’m really excited of. Again its very neat and its organize. Managing your start up programs helps you start PC faster.
I really give this All in one Utility Package a high FIVE...


As a person from IT Department I recommend this software to those people who likes to boost up their PC. And to those Maintenance Manager in a certain company guys this is one of a kind maintenance utility package.