EZ-DJ Plus Review

DJ Mix for KIDS but sounds LIKE PRO

Submitted by arnester on Sun, 2007-08-19 00:35.
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Ease of Use: 
Sound Quality: 
The lowest price: 16.99$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Nice sets of sound effects.. Remix can be recorded and can also be exported. Very nice for teens who likes mixing good quality music.
Not a Disc Jockey Software for PRO. The recorded music mix can only be exported only to .wav .wma and .rm. The Trial Version is very LIMITED

The User Interface
I guess this Disc Jockey Software is design not for PRO but for kids.
The design was cool but very near to over kill. And not a very realistic design of a Disc Jockey Table and maybe this is really meant to a be little bit childish design, I don't even see any cables or wires around the design.
The Mix of Music and Effects
The Music and Effects are just like with the PRO.
Kind a hip, but not that techno. the bass is little bit low..
it only has 6 dj effects, 4 samples, 4 scratch effects and 8 drums. and the scratch effects doesn't really vary to the music of the played disc its really just purely a sound effect. But very nice too because of its record music feature.
Ease of Installation:
Easy And Fast
Ease of Use:
First use very confusing, but the tool tips was also very helpful.
It loads the application a little bit slow.


If you like visual design and great music effects then this is for you. I most prefer this to teenager music lovers..