Site Spinner V2 Review

SiteSpinner Spinns... but it's interface doesn't

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2007-08-21 20:29.
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Has enough features to keep both the novice and professional interested, is quite easy to use (after experimenting with it).
Use interface hinders production, output results may not be exactly as expected (they may actually look prettier, or not).

Site Spinner is a quite simple to use software application that allows users to create simple, yet attractive web pages. First thing that I’ve got to tell you though – it’s not a Dreamweaver-style application that has loads of functionality and complex options that you might not even understand. Everything is kept simple and to the point.

The first thing that you notice is that the user interface is not quite as instinctive as you’d like it to be. You might find yourself looking through the help file or hitting buttons one after another in search of a function (depending on your M.O.). Anyway, once you finally find whatever function you desire it’s quite simple to use and to apply. One thing that puzzled me for quite a while was how to get the shapes colored – when I finally noticed that you had to change the properties under the Shading tab, I kept wondering: why didn’t they simply call it ‘Fill Color’ or something like that. So, the terms used by the developers are quite misleading.

Once you start to get used to the software (and you will eventually get used to it), you start to understand it’s full potential. Setting image backgrounds, inserting text, managing all of the elements of your website is indeed a breeze. Also, the fact that usually ‘What you see is what you get’ applies to this software – it’s great for people that like everything done effortlessly and quick (but hey, that’s all of us).

Text that you insert is differentiated into 3 categories: text, code and title. The text can be rich text or not, depending on what you decide. Note that the software will transform some fonts into images automatically (so that they’re compatible on all computers) – and it’s a handy feature.
The title text is going to be bigger than the rest of the text.

You can draw tables, insert objects (images included) and even sound into your webpages with just a couple of clicks. It’s almost just as easy to insert links into the webpages, but again the interface design lags behind the functionality of the software. As an added bonus, you can draw simple object within the program and… (I’m not totally sure what they expect us to do with them, but it can be a handy feature).

You get to adjust the page properties like the title of the webpage, background color or image, the way the links display (the color), the output format (htm or html or something else), you can add tags and even special effects.


SiteSpinner offers features for everyone - newbies and pros. You can start editing webpages in a snap and easily publish them. I myself found it great for creating presentations, games, quizzes.