Ant War Review

Ant War totally resembles Coffee Tycoon

Submitted by balance on Thu, 2007-08-23 08:53.
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easy to play, doesn't require too much thinking
will get repetitive, backgrounds are anything but pretty

Ant War is a game very similar to Coffee Tycoon. It's practically the same thing, so if you've ever played the latter, you'll be surprised at the similarities between them.

First of all, you have to control the number of four types of ants and decide which number will best keep a balance of food while growing your population. Consider this - ants eat food, and the scouts get food. Your primary goal is to get more food. But add this to the equation - you'll have to guard your ants and make sure they don't get hurt. Subsequently, you will need nurses and soldiers.

Another goal is to get your shelter to be as big as possible in order to be able to store more food.

As time progresses and your numbers grow, you will be able to move to new locations such as in a garden or a house or even in different places. These places will prove to provide both advantages and disadvantages, but will usually be better than your initial place.

Also, you have the option to buy improvements: items that will help you to get more food ants or nurse the ant better. these things that you can buy in the shop will generally make life easier for your ants and will make it easier for them to, say, dig the shelter quicker.

Although the game does not really get repetitive until you change a couple of sceneries it's not something that you might want to play for hours. Also, it's not something that will sweep you off your feet as the backgrounds are not particularly pretty - they look like traced bitmaps.


If you've played Coffee Tycoon and hated it, you'll probably hate this one too. If you liked it, you'll like AntWars too. You can always give it a try.