Dropheads Review

Dropheads...total bust!

Submitted by TipsyBrew on Mon, 2007-08-27 03:54.
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Decent Graphics, good tutorial
Too easy, music is tiresome

I took a chance with this game and was totally disappointed. I know it is not a high action game, but it could have been a little bit more exciting. It is a very boring game; very repetitive. The music made it 10 times more boring. Not that hilarious, either!

The upside is that my 11 year old cousin loved it! It is more for the less challenged mind, in my opinion. The tutorial however makes it eaier to understand. I did like that it explained instructions to the "t". Another upside is it was very easy on the eyes. It did catch my attention and lure me in to buy it!

Not worth my time really. I will be way more careful to look before I buy!


It is great if your not looking for a challenge!