President Forever Review

President Forever: A game for political addicts?

Submitted by Melkor Bauglir on Mon, 2007-08-27 11:06.
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brilliant gameplay, price, it is very addictive.
visual effects, sound, poor manual.

President Forever is a strategy game for PC’s and particularly an election game, which takes place in the U.S.A . In this game the player can choose a canditate or create his own one. After that he/she has to try to win the elections by all possible means.

The main advantage of PF(President Forever) is its superb gameplay. The game simulates the real elections to such extent that the player can actually learn how to deal with them in the real world Another advantage of PF are its low system requirements. In addition while playing no crashes or bugs occurred.

On the other hand the visual effects and the sound offer nothing more than the essential. They are in fact absent in most parts of the game. The other negative detail that might discourage you from playing PF is the lack of a handy manual. A manual that covers all topics is necessary for this game, because of its large complexity. The existing manual covers only the basics of the game and not the advanced aspects of it. Furthermore the game’ s difficulty even in the most hard mode is small, however, that doesn’t’ t reduce PF’ s realism.


In conclusion I believe that President Forever could become one of the best strategy games if it didn’ t have some serious problems.