AccuChef Review

AccuChef is usefull, but I was expecting more recipes...

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2007-08-28 11:42.
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Useful, some recipes are very well explained
Interface isn't well built, most recipes have no photos, looks more like an organizer

AccuChef is a great software application that will, at the very least, give you some more recipes to add to the basket.

If you try AccuChef, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the fact that they're not putting any limits to your access - the only thing is that you may open it 60 times only, aside from that - it's fully featured.

You can start browsing through the lists of recipes in a cookbook. You can also open new cookbooks, add recipes and import them through the mediocre wizard.

One small drawback is that the cookbook included comes with very few pictures and the recipes are quite short and may, at times, seem vague and unclear. Whereas other recipes included in the book will amaze you with their clarity and some with their photos.

AccuChef can import several types of cookbooks and can export databases for other applications.

One more inconvenience is the interface and the fact that it does not fully expose all of the neat features that AccuChef has to offer, like the Nutritional Values Calculator or the cost calculator. The icons that sit above the recipe interface are, so to speak, quite useless as most users don't usually notice them.

One more thing that I absolutely like is the fact that you can print out any recipe you wish, or even the entire cookbook at once, if you so desire. You can arrange the items by name, category, ingredients.


AccuChef is a GREAT recipe organizer, an OK recipe (database) opener and a LOUSY recipe finder... try it to see if it suits you...