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ViewletCam is better than expected

Submitted by praveen kumar g on Sun, 2007-09-02 17:08.
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The lowest price: 134.1$
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Easiest Way to Record & Publish Full-Motion Video to Flash just got better,Recorded Images/Video, powerful, reasonable system requirements.
Recorded Video Maxes out at 10fps -Can't take in game footage -The "single window" capture can be touchy,and als record images, callouts, text, and audio. Simple to use.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Record & Publish Full-Motion Video to Flash by ViewletCam. we can capture the entire screen, a designated area of the screen, a single window, even a single pane or object within a window. Enhance your video with images, callouts, text, and audio with high quality, the main advantage by using ViewletCam is the generate high-quality rich media content that can be played on over 97% of the world's Internet-connected computers as well as many mobile devices.

It has some excellent features like Exporting and Converting to .EXE are very very nice. Editing features and Capturing features are also major advantage for this software. The program has a timeline, where you can add things like graphics, notes, buttons and audio. At first it might seem a little hard to use but its simple when once you get an idea to use.

The software is easy to install, a little bit complicated in the beginning to configure and use (as it has many options), but Qarbon was smart enough to use its own software to create “Viewlets”, a set of presentations using ViewletCam teaching you how to use it. the ViewletCam used just 5Mb of hard drive space (although 20Mb minimum is required), did not consume a lot of CPU as other competitors do, and seemed quite mature. I also noticed a few limitations such as the capture rate limit of 10 frames per second (fps), and the tool to select the capture area could definitely use some improvement.

ViewletCam is really useful and powerful software it is useful for professionals and also to students etc... One who want to record their daily works in their PC.


ViewletCam is a good alternative for technical and end-user training, and could even be used as a powerful marketing tool to demonstrate the capabilities of a software. It is a useful product.This one is fair enough for its $134.10 cost