MP3 Doctor Pro Review


Submitted by Ducetothex on Sun, 2007-09-02 22:34.
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chokes out decent sound quality
depends way too much on the user

Have you ever purchased a CD with a really great song you just want to blow your speakers out with? But unfortunately theres a great thirty seconds of annoying noises or talk before the actual song plays? Well then the mp3 doctor could work for you if you don't mind the hack job he does to your track.

I installed and what do you know it was already acting up with vista, as i tried to import a track which is more difficult than it sounds he froze on me. Moving on from that you are more or less doing the whole operation there is no gap fixers unless you match the little bars or pieces of the track together perfectly you can get overlapping or holes in your song.
On the good side he can remove vocals from songs which I found handy for extracting beats from obnoctious rap songs. Just to touch on converting its not the best program again he freezes up during operation, this program was most likely written for windows XP so vista users beware of freezing.

To make a long story short there are other programs i have used which are better but i liked the look and feel of the program basic operation was ok I got most of the tracks working however it does have periods of freezing or in activeness which is more or less a waste of time and energy i give the program 2 out of 5 and there is a lack of converting options but has some nice features like vocal removing


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