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Submitted by zzcs on Thu, 2007-09-06 16:55.
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TopStyle CSS is an excellent editing tools, has not studied carefully, but later inside the functions carefully looked at the function that it is too powerful.

Here I would like to share the experience.

Edit CSS when used shortcuts:

Text Notes: Ctrl + Shift + M

Right indented: Ctrl + Shift +.

Left indented: Ctrl + Shift +,

Under a CSS: Ctrl +]

On a CSS: Ctrl + [

Election colors: Ctrl + Shift + C

After the depositary not withdrawn (Ctrl + Z)?

To change overnight

Location options: Options - Editor - Select Enable undo after save

Automatic replacement

Importing! " I "then a space, TopStyle automatically"! I "replace"! Important "

Location options: Options - Editor - Auto Replace You can also add their own input fast.

Tree CSS

Sometimes it is not that too many poor CSS browser? TopStyle CSS will provide a hidden content only choice for the name of the abbreviated form, it is convenient.

Location options: Options - Editor - Rule Collapsing choose Enable rule collapsing

Quick Check

Quick CSS menu in the W3C Validator and W3C HTML Validator button is convenient editing End point will know whether directly through the check.

The style of the scavenger

Grand below recommended TopStyle CSS own finishing functions: style sheet Scavenger Style Sweeper. It will collate your CSS very neatly, norms. A very good function.

Location options: Tools - Style Sweeper

Rules panel rules: Rule Format can be set to display more than one way. Combine Rules is set to have the same attributes of CSS portfolio.

Selectors selector panel: Selector Case configuration options for case-sensitive. Selector Order configuration options for sorting method.

Property attributes panels: Property Case set attributes of case-sensitive. Property Order, sorted by setting attributes.

Etch Properties initials attribute panels: the option of font, background, margin, padding attribute initials.

Others attribute other panels: Color Format Color Format: choice hexadecimal, RGB color names.

Said so much hope that we practice constantly improve their ability to CSS, TopStyle is a good a good helper ~ ~