Sound Snooper Review

Sound Snooper is genius

Submitted by praveen kumar g on Sat, 2007-09-08 08:29.
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The lowest price: 31.46$
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Great software for having digital records for every phone conversation, plus a variety of other applications. Voice activation feature is awesome.
Program is small in appearance difficult to use if you have site problems. Lacks graphical design. price,inability to maximize the software.

Sound Snooper is sound recording software that can be used for phone call recording and monitoring, radio broadcasts logging, spying, employee monitoring and so on.

Sound Snuper is a very cool tool indeed. The software makers, Softcab, try to position the software as something you’d use to find out if your spouse is cheating or not. While, technically speaking, SoundSnooper can do this, the tool really has other uses more appealing to a regular person.

Personally, I think I use Sound Snooper mostly as a digital recorder. I hate typing, so I mostly talk and hire a transcriptionist to do all typing for me. The best way to get a cheap transcriptionist is at The other use of software at my office is recording a phone conversation.

I record every single conversation with my customers because I am in a highly litigious insurance business, so having what other people say on record is a matter of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fight someone in court or not. I also used to use Sound Snooper to record internet radio shows, but I’ve converted to Replay Radio, which is more appropriate for this.

Here is what I especially like about Sound Snooper. There is a voice activation option that I learned though mistakes to leave on, because this way it starts recording any time someone starts talking. I don’t have to click any buttons at all, although manual recording is available. As soon as there are a few seconds of silence, the software stops recording.

Auto gain feature is pretty cool as well, because the volume of peoples’ voiced on the other end vary drastically and it’s no good to have a record if you can’t hear anything. I keep all records in MP3, but there are other options available, like WAVE PCM, DSP Truespeech or GSM 6.10.


Sound Snooper is a very inexpensive (only thirty bucks) solution to keep digital records of all phone conversations. The software can also be used as a digital recorder or a TiVo for internet radio shows.