Ideal Calendar Review

Another basic desktop calendar.

Submitted by prettyp on Mon, 2007-09-10 03:20.
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Very simple to use with multiple language options. Comes with a selective list of wallpapers to choose from.
If you'll the type of person who don't have much going on in your life, then Ideal Calendar would be useless to download.

Ideal Calendar has many features that normally aren't included with other desktop calendars. With Ideal Calendar you can select from a list of wallpapers, download them from the web, or simply use one of your own photos. May I suggest that you use a solid color wallpaper, because anything with pictures makes it hard to read what you have written.

Ideal Calendar shows months and days in 4 different languages, [English, French , Dutch, Spanish]. Basic holidays are already set to show on the calendar, but you have the option to choose which holidays you prefer to show on the calendar. With Ideal Calendar you also have the option of plug-ins to add more features. You can also add a sound scheme to notify you on events or anything that you schedule. The sound scheme is practically my favorite feature of the program.

If you were to come across any complications, which I doubt you will, the help selection is well explained. There is more than enough information about the program in the help selection, so your problem will be solved pretty quickly.

If you are the type of person who likes to customize things to your taste, then you will love Ideal Calendar. There are an endless number of things you can customize, from the things stated above to having the program start when you start your computer, displaying zodiac symbols, displaying week numbers, and the choice of rather or not to use 24-hour time.


If you are not a person who checks your calendar daily, then you will save time and money by not downloading Ideal Calendar. Just download one off the web for free.