Pretty Good Solitaire Review

A vast programming improvement on their Solitaire Master

Submitted by scifiwritir on Thu, 2006-03-16 17:56.
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Tons of games, great rules
The programming flaws in certain games still remain. Fatal flaw in some games occur making them unwinnable because computer generate the wrong cards or not enough cards

This is an updated refined version of Solitaire Master 5 which was probably the best solitaire game package I’d ever seen and which was distributed by eGames. This new version has repaired some of the quirks in the old version, specifically programming flaws– but in some games, such as Senior Wrangler, programming problems still remain where cards simply do not “exist” when they should.

For example, I would have three cards left in the tableau: let’s say four, two or three. These would be the only cards left in the tableau. Yet the foundation needed a six or Queen or some other card. But since the only remaining cards were four, two and three. And since the tableau had no other card, there would be no “six” card anywhere

Pretty Good Solitaire features 640 solitaire games and features popular, not-so-popular, and newly-created card games. The games are categorized by type, number of decks, ease of play, skil/luck, statistics and frequency of play and games created by players through the game wizard. Similar games are also cross-referenced, which is always helpful, and players can add their favorite games to the Favorites category.

Understanding the rules for each game can be a bit tough for new players but those who understand the difference between tableau, foundation and stock will have no trouble. And, since the rules for each game appear in their own minimizable window a player can refer to them easily without ceasing play. Undo, Snapshot, and Back arrows and a restart button give countless opportunities to replay a game until you either win it or determine it’s unwinnable.

Pretty Good Solitaire has some new items such as adding a new internet toolbar, a “Never Won” and “Never Played” category in its list of game categories. For players who like playing two or more solitaire games at the same time, the programmers have now enabled us to toggle between games. Another really good new feature is the dimming of a card can no longer be played on a foundation.

There are now scenic backgrounds, new card backs and the face cards are lovely. The trial version only has one limited card set but others are available for downloading and if they were anything like the older card sets are sure to be beautiful.

Kudos to the programmers at Goodsol for improving the games but the programming errors still remain. When I emailed the support people about this problem, they responded that the game was a difficult one and only 2% of some games could be won. Now, I am not an idiot. I am a writer and a former computer sysop who wastes a great deal of time on solitaire when I am avoiding work.

The support person’s answer was an easy one which showed his confidence in your product. (Which of course is appropriate because you are a good firm) While the layout between the old version of Senior Wrangler has changed and shows the programmers are still trying to program some games, the game – and others– still has the problem of not generating enough cards. The programmers should keep on working until they get it right.


The programmers at Goodsol kept on working until they got it right. The programming errors in Solitaire Master 5 have been repaired, plus there are great new additions.