Ideal Calendar Review

IDEAL Calendar:It Is Not Yet Another Calendar

Submitted by sagar169 on Tue, 2007-09-18 09:44.
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The lowest price: 18$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Good product. Value for Money.
An user can see the events only when he is in front of his computer or within hearing distance of the speakers.Just kidding...!!!!

IDEAL Calendar:: The name of the product is just Calendar. Ideal is the name of the company which created this product.The name would have been misleading had the calendar not been ideal.There is no question of it as this calendar is truly ideal.So, instead of naming the product as IDEAL ideal Calendar, they named it just Calendar with the company name as a surname just like Microsoft Office.Fair Enough.

Anyone can use it thanks to its easy-to-use user interface which is well designed.Some of its features other than the user interface are:

Select any image for your background:: In case , you missed thisyear's swimsuit calendar, this calendar allows you to create awimsuit calendar of your own as there is an option to select any image for the
background.So, go ahead and create a swimsuit calendar of your
own.Atleast, that is what I did.

Print calendar exactly as you see it:: You can also take the calendar
offline as there is also a print option which allows the user to print
the calendar exactly as the person sees it on the screen.Sadly, this
option works only if you have a printer.

Share occasions over the network ::This feature is truly helpful is a
person has planned something with someone who is also using the
calendar.It can remind both of them of the event.A date, anyone?

Create multiple calendars:: Events can be professional or personal.So,
why have the same calendar for personal as well as the professional

Multiple Users:: Different people using the same computer can have
different accounts in the calendar.I feel this is redundant as Microsoft already has created the multiple users featurein Windows XP.Nevertheless, a good feature.

Custom Holidays : Add a holiday on any day of the year.I recommend not
to display the calendar to your boss.

Backup and Restore::Just in case..!!!

Move to any day of the calendar with just the click of a mouse.I wish
time travel was as simple as it is in this calendar.


A refreshing change from all the other calendars available in the market today.Price is a bit steep though.