Xeno Assault 2 Review

Not something special

Submitted by Lazor on Thu, 2007-09-20 17:20.
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Nice organized menu, Amazing graphics, Realistic sound effects, Simple Controls
Sometimes repetitive, More expensive that it should to be, Similar free games can be found on the internet

Xenox Assault 2 was a classic mini game for me, and i've played millions similar games, believe me.

First of all the menu is not something special but looks pretty nice, and everything there is well organized. Negative would i say the fact that when we click the "instructions" or the "extra missions" button the game's window minimize and we visit a webpage on the net, without a warning or something. Especially the instructions ought to be in-game and not on the net.

The game's music, well, it suits to that kind of games. At least that's what i was expecting and wanting to hear. The ingame sound effects were also nice and realistic.

I was impressed by the graphics. I really enjoyed the 3d models. The team have done a nice job there. Except of the bosses who doesn't look nice at all.

About the gameplay now. There is a great variety of weapons and following the method of other similar games Xenox Assault 2 made you change weapons and gets bonuses all the time, nonstop.
The enemies weren't a lot unfortunately, and they weren't so hard either. If you wait until your "power indicator" gets full and use the special attack then you can kill multiple enemies in no time.

There are some "special" levels, like the one where you have to avoid the asteroids. It was very interesting and a nice extra feature but i have seen exactly the same level on another mini game i've bought from the net.

The controls are, i think, one of the most important reasons i enjoyed this game. Using keyboard OR mouse was very convenient and very simple. Adjusting mouse sensitivity on the option was a usable feature too

As for the story, well there isn't any storyline and that's a big "-" for the specific game. A scenario to such a game would suit perfectly and it was a bad mistake not to add it, because playing to progress through the storyline can make the game have twice more fans, and if they stopped the trial version in a critical storyline point then players would have one more reason to buy it


All in all, Xenox Assault 2 is a nice mini game. But i think the trial is enough for everybody.