BadCopy Pro Review

Useful Software for Data Recovery in Any Media

Submitted by radityo_ah on Fri, 2007-09-21 00:21.
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Easy to use, User Friendly, more supported storage media

I have so many Software, Films and Music CDs Collection, some are broken and can't be read on CDROM again. After I search the Internet, I found this useful software, BadCopy Pro. A little unique name for a software.

BadCopy Pro is easy to use, simple interface and not make us crazy because run out of spaces in HD. The setup is not too big, but this thing is very useful for data recovery of my CD collections. You can choose between Max Data (a bit slower, but the data recovery process is more powerful), Normal (for balanced choice between powerful data recovery process and recovery speed), and Max Speed (clearly obvious, right?). A few of my CDs can't recovered by this software, so I tried to recover again using Max Data, and it's work. For Floopy disks and Flash Disk (Thumb Disks), it's very effective. On any media, I can't say much more about this software. All I have is just CDs, Flash Disks and Floopy disks.

With this process, "Choose Media", "Choose Data", "Recovery Process", and then "Save it anywhere", you'll love it. I'm not lie, just try the trial if you don't want to waste your money on bad software. Then after all, you'll say this is a good software. What next? Buy it :D

For myself, the price is quite expensive. But I think, good software is not cheap. You'll like it.


Well, nice software. I always use this software to recover any bad media. The price depend on you to decide whether cheap or too expensive.