Outpost Firewall Pro Review

Outpost Firewall Pro is better than expected

Submitted by praveen moneymaker on Fri, 2007-09-21 17:45.
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The network monitoring feature which permits to know for where each byte goes of your pc is very reliable. It require time to learn. Lots of functions, easy to set up,good looking, overall great software.
Requires professional knowledge to configure the firewall. You will found very little information about found threats. And also it doesnt block all images not the best around at stopping intruders, but still very good

Outpost Firewall Pro :

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is world's foremost protection application, providing a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration.

The firewall provides Security, Control, Privacy and Ease of Use. Outpost Firewall starts protecting as soon as it is installed. The program detects and blocks hacker attacks, guards the privacy of data stored on your computer, monitors network activity of your system and applications, provides secure web surfing, and prevents Internet worms from activating from your inbox.


Easy to set up, and no problems will occur during installation. It occupies less space in hard-disk wile compared with others.


One of Outpost Firewall Pro’s unique features is the ability to block not only banners and ads, but images too. You can block images by size (if your favorite website has one troubling image, this is a good way to block it). If you want to make sure your children don’t view any pornographic images, you can block all images instead. While this setting didn’t block every image, it did block most of them.

Another add-on filter feature Outpost Firewall Pro offers is the ability to block by content. You can create a list of words or even website names you’d like to block. This blocked word/website list will help ensure that members of your family can’t gain access to sites containing words you find offensive, in context.

Outpost Firewall Pro’s control panel is designed with simplicity in mind. From the main screen of the control panel you can track all your network activity, the number of ports open and the application currently accessing each port.

When you spot an unfamiliar application in your ports, you can right-click the application to block access instantly. Or you can create custom rules for applications, for example, some applications require specific ports to be open. You can easily default to open necessary ports for a specific software application.

Outpost Firewall Pro will allow you to set up your home computer to work with multiple users automatically. During installation, you can create unique settings for specific computers on your network if you want.

Outpost Firewall Pro has an excellent help document that will show you everything that you need to know about the software. The Help documentation is broken up into differet chapters and there is a table of contents that will help you to navigate to the correct spot.


Outpost Firewall Pro offers other ways to protect you from more subtle intruders from everyday Internet use, such as cookies, banners, ads and pornography. A complete package, Outpost Firewall Pro controls these nuisances for you. An excellent product!. But to use this is little bit hard, requires professional knowledge to configure the firewall. Finally its an excellent product, the buyer will satisfy with the product.