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Submitted by superman402 on Fri, 2006-03-17 06:57.
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Easy to use, fool-proof registry error fixer and optimizer
Review: heard right. This is by far, if not the best, registry repair programs on the market today. With its ease of use and slew of features, Registry Mechanic is a gem.

Registry Mechanic goes through every inch of your registry and, through advanced mathematical processes, filters out the errors and with the click of the mouse, corrects them faster than any other program I've used.

Afraid of making a mistake? Don't be. Before Registry Mechanic fixes all of your registries errors, it makes a system restore point which you can revert back to if something goes wrong. Luckily, the program is so good, I have personally never come across or heard of it making an error.

After you're done correcting errors, why not go one step further. Why don't you just use Registry Doctor's handy registry optimizer tool which compacts and optimizes your registry for fool proof performance. When dealing with computers, one must remember, the registry is the most vital part of your system.

If the registry gets messed up, it will be hard times trying to fix it. Why wouldn't you want to avoid it in a few easy steps? This program has been and will always be my tool of choice for protecting my registry and ultimately, one of my most prized PC.


No one should be without Registry Mechanic. It doesn't get any easier or safer than this. When you use Registry Mechanic, you ensure yourself a healthy PC.