Cute Reminder Review

Puppies Are Cute. Remembering To Do The laundry -- Not So Cute

Submitted by Bondal929 on Wed, 2007-09-26 22:20.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Extremely easy to use, exceptionally customizable, few bugs, requires little space to run, Desktop stays clutter-free
occasionally pop ups do get in your way when using other programs, price is very high for the quality of the product

How much does cute cost? Answer: $26.95. Essentially, Cute Reminder is a great program. It is remarkably easy to use -- my 6 year old nephew must have spent at least an hour writing annoying little messages to me. It also stays out of the way for the most part -- I often have multiple applications open at once while the program hides on the task bar. The only time I have had problems with the software getting in my was when 20 of my little nephews messages popped up at once. It runs well without taking up much space at all. I ran it on a fairly slow computer and it didn't freeze or lag at all.

Ideally, Cute Reminder is a great program but it does have one major issue -- the price. it works like a charm, but the entire time I was using it, I was hating myself for spending $26.95 on such a simple, lame product. Both windows and Mac have programs that do the same thing for you already installed into the operating system. If what you are looking for is "cute", There are plenty of ways to customize existed programs already built into your computer and thousands more free programs that do what Cute Reminder does, all over the web.


Great program, not worth the money at all. If you have 27 bucks to spend, go buy a rabbit or a gerbil -- they are just as cute but much more enjoyable.