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What are you doing?

Submitted by superman402 on Sat, 2006-03-18 05:06.
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Nothing gets by this program. There is nothing that can't be recorded and ActMon does it all for you.
There are many features which may take a little time to learn.

Have you ever wanted to see what your kid is doing while he or she is up until early on the morning chatting on the internet? I know my wife does. Have you ever wanted to see what you significant other does for hours at a time while they ignore you? Now you can! ActMon recording software will allow you to see EVERYTHING that ANYONE does. How much better can it be?

Aside from the multitude of features that this program provides (like IM / AOL / Yahoo/ etc. chat recording, text logging, and website log, just to name a few) how much fun could it be to see what you husband or wife just bought you for your birthday (I found out what I got minutes after my wife bought me my gift). Before it was almost impossible to get them to drop you a hint. Now, you don't even have to ask. Just use ActMon to check out which websites they have visited and exactly what went on. I can't even begin to tell you how may of my friends I've learned are into the more risque websites.

There is almost nothing that this program can do. It is almost impossible to even need all of these features. Have you ever thought about being a private investigator. Try this program out to see what it could be like. Anyone can learn to use this software and, quite frankly, why wouldn't you? Aren't you curious to see what goes on when you are not around? Don't wonder anymore. Just buy ActMon recording software and but all of your anxiety to rest.


This is a great program. Anyone who is curious to see what goes on on the computer should buy ActMon software.