SendPhotos Gold Review

Where memories kept together

Submitted by hiramrajkamal on Thu, 2007-09-27 17:36.
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The Best way to store, share & organize photos very fastly and easily.
SENDPHOTO GOLD is really more than Gold.

SendPhoto Gold is a lofty software really where the memories kept together and shared online w/ friends, family. There is much ease in sending photos from this particular software cause it accomplishes everything automatically.

I really reposed while using this software, we can simply send photos to the Web & vice versa from our computer.

This quickly alerts when our friends or family starts sharing.
With the help of this Software we can allow our friends & family to view our pictures that which are in the public folder through a personal web address.

We can contrive & upload our pictures automatically to back-up them on our computer and online.

The features are really outstanding. There are intuitive design tools, functional editing , to drag & to drop features, & simplified menus.

We also can store thousands of pictures in the memory given 2GB free.

It'll be very easy to print photos in desired size.

I highly appreciate this SENDPHOTO GOLD because of its effectiveness
& its humble tasks in e-mail.


Celebrate the fun of colourful photos w/ this marvellous software. Urged to every one who loves photos