Dropheads Review

Good game, but its gone and dusted.

Submitted by sameera on Sat, 2007-09-29 05:46.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Excellent graphics and sound Two different game-style Easy-to-use main interface Excellent, easy explained tutorial 60-minute Trial
Expensive for an 'old-style' game. Bad storyline Not addicitive to many people living in the modern world.

These days most of our children tend to play games mainly based on themes such as action and/or adventure, RPG, shooting and simulation/reality. To many, the old arcade and puzzle games have never existed ever since!

To be honest, when I first downloaded Dropheads from SoftwareJudge, I thought 'what the hell am I doing... isn't it obvious just looking at the image?, but to my rare amazement, I was extremely, extremely surprised when I installed and ran it.

First of all, the graphics and sound were great - the game did not ask for any better resolution on my computer (WinXP)than it already was and it ran straight away without any problems. The colour was also a hit factor and so was the brightness and contrast; you could easily see what was happening and the whole game was very easy to depict. The sound on Dropheads was not at all bad - it ran smoothly and stayed 'up' with the game.

Secondly, the tutorial was excellent. It pretty much covered the whole game - explaining what the goal (aim) was, what you have to do and what you have to look out for. For a young child, the instructions can be followed very easily, but for very young children around the ages 3 to 6, I don't think they'll be able to read the instructions.

Furthermore, I also liked the two different options - where you can play Dropheads in either arcade mode or in strategy mode. However, both modes are based on the same objectives and 'environment'.

Another great hit to the game was its main-menu and user options which was easy to understand and comprehend and was much easier to use. The moment the game loaded, I found myself playing it within seconds. The option menu was very 'minimal' and therefore easy to configure - it showed the capabilities of full-screen mode, volume and other availble changes that a modern-day option menu actually needs than those confusing option menus we have today.

There were only two problems I faced with Dropheads.

The first problem its storyline - actually, if you've played it and thought about it for a while, this game hardly has a storyline. Most of the game is based on the 'boring same-old stuff' where you try to get rid of the faces (or balls) by grouping them up according to their colour, before some other faces (or balls) invade and take up the space. To me, I don't think a game is worth playing if it doesn't have an interesting storyline - or a storyline - at all.

The second and most important problem to me was the price of the game. When I first saw the game and looked for the price, I just stared at the screen for what seemed like ages - $16.95!!! I was first wondering whether it was a joke or if someone had hacked into SoftwareJudge and changed the prices, but I soon came back to my senses.
To me, at first, Dropheads wasn't even worth a look and even though I did admire some of its features after I played it, however, when it comes to a game like this, I would certainly pay less than AU$1 - no joke, aboslute truth! I could get a much better game, like Age of Empire, Warcraft or Need for Speed for less than $16.95.


Though Dropheads may look unsuitable for kids or even adult these days, I still believe, that anyone of any age should give it a go and see what its like. I would, however, rather and most certaily play the trial of Dropheads than actually buy the game, because for $16.95, I could be getting a game that actually is worth its price!