Smugglers 3 Review

An awesome experience!

Submitted by superman402 on Sat, 2006-03-18 22:47.
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This is a great game that brings excellent plots and awesome graphics to the table.
During battle sequences, there can be periods where the computer throws in too many missed hits.

How much fun could it be to be a hero to an entire galaxy, gain fame and fortune, and influence the outcome of a civil war? Let me just say that it is very fun. First off, the graphics, although not the greatest I've ever seen, were very good considering I am not using a graphics card. Second, any game that has space pirates, a federation, and intergalactic warfare is okay by me. Just that alone was enough to get me to play this game.

The basic story of the game is you are a young officer in the Federation Army (or you can pick from several other characters with different stories). I am just using this one as an example. The object is to complete missions that the leader of any one of the several planets gives you. Complete the mission and get money, fame and fortune. Watch out for enemy ships though. In a sort of Battleship type setup, you and your opponent take turns firing at each other either hitting or missing shots.

Sounds simple right? You have to also watch out for ships that can double or triple shoot and make sure you don't get hit by torpedos or missles. You have options, though. Counter missles, long-range and short-range guns, multiple types of missles, shields, etc. Your can keep short, medium, or close range to your enemy depending on how fast your ship is (which you can alter with different types of engines).

Not only is the fighting part fun, but you have the trading aspect as well. You are allowed to loot of discover many items which you can sell legally or, for people wanting a little more fun, trade it on the black market. Just don't get caught though. If someone finds outs, you will lose fame and possible even become outcast by the Federation and become the enemy! If one star system isn't enough, this game give you several to explore. Each new planet brings you new challenges and options that I guarantee will keep you occupied for hours.

All in all, Smugglers 3 was an excellent experience and will be in my game collection. I am glad that I tried this game as I know want to become an intergalactic, smuggling, war hero. Well...maybe not in real life, buy hey, at least now I know what to expect if I ever get the chance! Don't pass this game up. It's fun for anyone wanting to get involved in multiple adventures. Remember...don't get too cocky, as enemy ships can suprise you at any moment. Know when to retreat and always think before you do. If not, you could end up as space dust!


You really can't go wrong with this game. It has outstanding gameplay and an even higher replay value.