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"Highly informative"

Submitted by hiramrajkamal on Thu, 2007-10-04 22:26.
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Be innovative by managing your ideas. Just get intensified by your own creativity.
U can easily manage ur ideas as merely as w/ top sticky notes & delight getting obscured treasures in yourself.

This Cute Reminder is a simple software that which sticks to your desktop just to remind us all the blotted out things.

~We can manage our ideas just by clicking the mouse.
~ We can also manage & organize all our reminders.
~We create notes, archive our things & we also can search.
~ We can plan and grenerate our ideas, easy way to fulfill.

These are few important uses of the Cute Reminder. Above all these we can make a highly comfortable workplace.

As it seems very easy to use all our imp things can be saved to remind us & we surely ever miss an important event.

* In a very specific time we will be informed all the pices of reminders.
* This is a very friendly software which is so informative & managable.
* I am very sure that this wonderful software secures our brain from over strain & stress.
* This is also a very great encouragement for creative people.

If you use this you will be very successful and have a great comfort, convenience feeling @ your work place.


This is a very good software for those who have much strain and has less memory power. Due to busy schedules many may loose some imp things from mind. With the help of this Cute reminder we can safely save all the notes. Highly recommended for busy people.