Xeno Assault 2 Review

Addictive Shooting Game

Submitted by hiramrajkamal on Thu, 2007-10-04 23:03.
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Childern loves this great excitement.
Great fun for many hours but its hard it you're honest.

This XENO ASSAULT II is a great assile game that which is highly addictive play and 'd have incridible fun. There are over hundred funny stages that which injects us in each game mode.

This marvellous game has four intriguing modes that makes you elated & two of those modes to be locked.

I was very much impressed of this XENO ASSUALT II because of its stunning sound & sensational graphics.

This play is having well versed setups & immense assortment of peculiar weapons & queer powerups.

If you enter the game you will be privilaged to destroy more than 35 Alien foes.

We also provided online score table with this risible play game.


For the Heros and Heroines those who save this world from aliens. So funny and gives much attention and concentration to minds.