Dropheads Review

Dropheads might as well Dropdead

Submitted by wordwhiz on Sun, 2007-10-07 21:28.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Sound was qute good, tutorial is properly explained. Very colourful and would probably be attractive to little kids.
Overall game plot is bad, Game is very dull and mind-numbing. NOt to mention expensive.

This game is seriously BORING.
Having said that if your someone who loved games such as Tetris then your going to love this to.

The bare bones of the game are as follows: 2 modes to choose from (arcade or strategy). in arcade mode, the dropheads simply fall from above while you do your best to keep your game area clear, by creating a gropu of 4 similar coloured drophead. whereas, strategy mode you attempt to play "strategically" by making moves are well thought out. You take as long as you need in deciding the best move that ensures that dropheads are removed. So long as your moves are up to par no dropheads will fall.

However, its GAMEOVER once a column of dropheads reach the top bar.
Oh yea, you pass a level by raising the ships water level and upon getting to the island you win a treasure chest and get a piece of a map. At the end of the level being played a map is revealed earning you special "treasure"

The game appears to have some pirate themes running throught it, such as the ship and treasure maps. However, this doesn't relate to or affect the actual game play in any manner, it is I believe for decorational purposes.


I would not advise anyone to buy this game, however if you hapen to love tetris and such games then this is for you but I still think it's not worth the price you'll pay