Zzed Review

Zzed - Definetly no Zzzz with this game

Submitted by wordwhiz on Sun, 2007-10-07 22:16.
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Lovely Storyline, Easy game controls, Has a future based theme
Can't really think of any except some might find the game play very easy.

I have recently just learned of the game-genre called "puzzle-shooters", and this has to be the best puzzle-shooting game I've seen so far.

I love the storyline behind the game and as gameplay itself i find that fun and enticing. to play the game all you basically do is use Zzed's space ship to shoot same coloured meteorites thereby earning points. This is game will remind gamers of the good old "Bust-a-move" game as they both share some similarities.

The controls are simple and easy to understand, I find the graphics of the game to be of good quality and the game sounds didnt really get on my nerves as those of some other games tend to do.

One of the best factor to the game is its storyline, Zzed is trying to become rich in the hopes of marrying his girlfriend, whose father will only let her marry a rich man. Also it appears Zzed works for a crooked boss?? I think kids will especially enjoy this stoyline as its quite easy to follow.


I would definetly advise all gamers to get this game, even if this isn't your genre, I'm sure you're all wondering how the story ends. therefore, get the game and find out.