Luxor: Amun Rising Review

Luxor: Amun Rising - Can't Stop playing

Submitted by TOTAL.REVIEW on Mon, 2007-10-08 01:40.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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Very addictive – Colourful levels – Great sound and music – Did I say very addictive
Once you finish you just want more – Some levels you will be stuck on for ages

The Luxor series of games are a breath of fresh puzzle air. I bought Luxor: Amun Rising and was so addicted within the first few levels that I went out and bought Luxor: The Wrath of Set for the PSP.

I find it very hard to put any version of Luxor down once I start playing and the time just fly’s by. The levels are pretty basic for the start but soon become much harder and you start franticly moving from left to right trying to get the colours together, with some good power ups being dropped when you clear a whole section of balls. Luxor is very colourful with great sounds and music to boot, and some level design that makes your hair curl just thinking about trying to clear the level.

I think Luxor is a perfect game and the most addictive game I have played; with so many levels to try and beat you can play for hours in a row without a care in the world. BUT there is one thing I would like to see with the Luxor series of games and that’s a level editor so you can keep adding more and more levels and share them with the rest of the Luxor community.

Price is great and you definitely get your moneys worth from this series of games, will be buying more is they release a new version.


Luxor is well worth the money for the amount of play you get out of this game, it’s suitable for all ages and will I think help with hand eye coordination at a young age. Best $18 spent.