Luxor: Amun Rising Review

entertaining, but not original

Submitted by krnspwn on Fri, 2007-10-12 11:25.
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It's entertaining New look of puzzle game it tends to get challenging
It's not original it gets dull after awhile

This game plays pretty well. It occupied me for good hour. However, I have seen this a lot in other game. Basically, you are trying to match the rock by its type and colors to make them disappear before it reaches the center.

Sounding familiar? It should be. There are tons of other games like this such as 'bubble shooter', 'bust a move'...etc It all originated from 'tetris.' I know it plays differently, but the basic concept is destroy blocks by matching and fitting before time runs out.

Those games usually entertain people for good period of time; however, it will get dull really within couple of hours since it's just a repetition of same puzzle except you have to move and think faster. Sometimes, it gets frustrating because it the action which you are trying to do tends to be slow when time is running out.

Overall, it's pretty entertaining game.


over all, it's a excellent game. I recommend it if you like 'bust a move' or 'tetris'.