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Submitted by superman402 on Mon, 2006-03-20 05:26.
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easy to use, many different features, attractive end results, professional look

If you're like me then, at one time or another, you have had to make a graph of some type either for school or work. Sometimes the graphs on Microsoft Word just don't cut it. With its multitude of different graphs each separated into several libraries, you really do have a graph for every occassion.

Do you need a colorful graph illustrating the number of hits a website has generated over the course of a year. I guarantee Diagram Studio has one. I have had to do several graphs for school (I am a Finance major) illustrating several different things. Diagram Studio has made it easy for me. All I did was select an appropriate graph, enter the information (including supporting text if necessary), choose a text style, click a button, and a simple, attractive graph was created. There were a few cases where I needed to include it in a report done with Microsoft Word. Diagram Studio made it easy for me to do that too. After I had generated the graph I simply saved it and later inserted it into my report. It really couldn't have been any easier.

I have also used it for work. Those reports that I have to do every week (I know that some of you have those too) had to be compiled for a presentation for the regular quarterly meeting and what do you know. I had to use a flow chart. Diagram Studio made it easy for me to create the chart and I was even able to print it up in black and white (helping the company save on printing costs) to distribute it as an addendum to my presentation. This program was so easy to use that I literally finished the chart in 10 minutes. I was totally amazed.

This program has honestly helped me out a lot and I will continue to use it whenever I can. I really have no need for any other graph program now and when anyone asks me how I did my graphs I simply refer them to www.regnow.com. This is where you can get this amazing program. There is not enough I can say about it and I know that if you were to use it then you would see what I am seeing. There are so many features that any graph, chart, or diagram that you have to do will come out looking like you hired someone to do it.


Anyone who needs to create graphs, charts, or diagrams needs to at least try this program. Once you use it, you will never go back to anything else.