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Submitted by hemanth204 on Mon, 2007-10-15 09:07.
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Dropheads offers two different game modes, Arcade and Strategy. The strategy mode was pretty boring and I gave up on it after just a few rounds. In strategy the next row of Dropheads only comes if you don't group four Dropheads together. I really didn't see too much strategy in this game mode and it was extremely easy.
Arcade mode is where I spent most of my time while playing Dropheads. Arcade mode is faster paced and I found it much more challenging than Strategy mode. In arcade mode you still need to group four Dropheads together to remove them but the next row drops after a few seconds, meaning you need to be quick moving the Dropheads around to avoid losing. The internet is full of fun entertain games and Dropheads is just another one. It had it's strong points but they were outweighed by the weak points. Overall a very average Fun entertain, just like the rest.

In part I was right, it is similar to most of the fun entertain games around. Don't get me wrong, there were parts of the game that I enjoyed, but overall it didn't really catch my interest.

First off I'll start with the good points of the game. The graphics were nice, better than most fun entertain games. The faces that the Dropheads made were a nice touch. The game was very simple to learn and play. Every time something new came along it would explain it so you always knew what was going on. The menu was very simple and looked quite nice, I guess it couldn't be too complicated with only two game modes.


Overall Dropheads was just what I expected, a cookie cutter fun entertain game. It was a good way to waste an hour but it's nothing I would pay money to play