Dropheads Review

Fun Game!

Submitted by the_unforg1v3n on Tue, 2007-10-16 00:58.
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Animations , gameplay
Sounds , price

To begin with , this game features an old but successful formula. Match objects of the same color to make them disappear. This formula never seems to fail!

In this specific game , dropheads are the colored objects. Match 4 of them and watch them go. From the beginning of the game , tutorials help you out , something that is more useful after the 'special' dropheads have appeared. The tutorial explains what each of them does. Of course for those who want to get only the action , tutorials can be disabled.

You move dropheads by clicking on them and moving them to the column you want. You can only pick dropheads on top of each column. Perform successive combos to earn more points.

The 'freedom' of putting dropheads wherever you want is something fascinating!

At first the game might seem slightly the same as levels go by , but when the special dropheads appear , it's a very welcome change. It adds so much to the gameplay.

The animations are fun to watch. Dropheads make different faces and it's not just static colors. Though animations lack variety , it's still a decent effort.

Though this is a fun game to play, the sounds are somewhat what you would expect from such a game. Repeated music can get on your nerves after a few time of playing. This is where there is a big disadvantage of the game. A disadvantage that most of other similar games share.


Nice game to play for some time , with the sound being annoying and also quite expensive